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Do you work with dangerous goods?

If you or your employees work with dangerous goods, you must comply with the mandatory regulations. You are required to know the products you are working with, the risks they pose and what to do if something goes wrong.

The dangerous goods regulations are extensive.

Working with hazardous materials can pose serious risks. For this reason, it is subject to thorough and comprehensive regulations. These regulations are notoriously challenging to navigate and difficult to understand.

Breaching the regulations is a serious offence.

Convictions are common and can be costly. Duty holders can be prosecuted for more than one offence within the same case.

In 2020:

  • the HSE’s conviction rate for dangerous goods offences was 94 percent;
  • the HSE’s conviction rate for dangerous-goods-related offences was 89 percent; and
  • in total, prosecutions led to fines of £16.7 million, with an average penalty of almost £19,000 per offence.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe recognises that the regulations are complex. It states that, in most cases, those working with dangerous goods must have DGSA support in place.

Why choose MyDGSA?

  • You need high-quality DGSA support from a company that is fully conversant with the regulations and up to date with all the current developments.
  • You need someone who can translate the regulatory speak and legal obligations into plain English, providing straightforward, practical guidance that is easy to understand.
  • An internal DGSA is not suitable for your business and you need to find a cost-effective alternative.
  • You would value independent, objective dangerous goods guidance, with no conflict of interest.
  • You want a subscriber plan that suits your business, with a clear and upfront pricing structure.

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ADR & CDG: Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods transported by road in the UK typically fall under the domestic road regulations (CDG) but may also be affected by the European road regulations (ADR).

If you work in the transport sector, you have your own specific obligations regarding dangerous goods. We can help you interpret and understand them.

MyDGSA works with everyone, from owner-drivers to fleet operators.

We offer a fixed-cost, trade-only support package designed specifically for you.

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